Northernvoice 2008

by Tine

Northern Voice is a two-day, non-profit personal blogging and social media conference that’s being held at the Forestry Sciences Centre, 2424 Main Mall, UBC main campus, Vancouver, Canada on February 22-23, 2008.”

Blogging about a blogging conference seems logical but what if there are already many blog posts on the same subjects? Right, quote them. Here is the schedule for the 2 days. If you find something interesting just “searchengine” it, I’m sure you’ll find a lot of information.

Here’s Matt Mullenweg’s keynote (WordPress): Blogging & Social Media: Where do we go from here? You can listen to the whole presentation at the Podcast. Here’s a short summary of his basic ideas:

- Bloggers want: 1. to represent themselves, 2. to be public and interact 3. validation with stats 4. a simple form of the tool that fits their writing (form dictates writing)

- what Bloggers need for that: 1. invisible software 2. be prepared for a large amount of posts 3. social filters to sort out the personal relevant information (e.g. only comments from our friends) 4. Spam is the Achilles Heel of Social Media, everything that distracts is Spam (also advertisement). People’s time needs to be respected. Keep advertisement at a reasonable amount. 5. The megabrands can have a negative image transfer. Subbrands and diversion without referring to the family brand. 6. Transparency of open source as the taste of freedom, applied on many aspects of our daily life.

For a more detailed summary and many other summaries of nv08 check Robin Yap’s Blog

For those who are interested in telling a story Alan Levine made a list with all the Web 2.0 tools for that with description and examples. Maybe not the most complex but pretty funny tool he showed was Blabberize which creates an old school Monty Python Effect on the pic.

Personally I recommend Dave Olson’s F**k Stats, Make Art This is also available as mp3. [Addition] I just found some great notes on this insiring, funny and motivating session by miss604.

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