The NetCircle HQ in pictures

by Boby
The NetCircle Office Photos

Ever since we moved into our loft office we wanted to take a couple of photos to show off our workspace. That was something like 2 years ago and we felt that finally it was time to do it. Photos were taken on regular working day in April 2009.

Link to the gallery after the jump.

All right, now please go and enjoy the photos in the gallery!

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7 Responses to The NetCircle HQ in pictures

  1. Raj Rajabali says:

    Very cool facilities. I attended the BarCamp and had the opportunity to view the place in person…very tastefully decorated and the layout is inspiring.

  2. Ralf Lippold says:


    Just learned about the ShanghaiBarCamp and followed the sponsor list and found you.

    Looking at the pictures, I am impressed.

    Great job:-)



  3. Kerem says:

    cant reach “photos in the gallery!”
    gave me a js error in IE7

    good place to work, by the way :)

  4. Claude says:


    Don’t know where’s the problem is. Just tried it with IE7, worked. Try FF instead ;-)

  5. Elena says:

    opened flash in my IE7 browser, but photos did not load…showed me progess for quire some time…why don’t you guys have timeout request for flash?

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