TheNetcircle at Symfony Live 2010

by Boby

Last week was held in Paris the second Symfony Live conference. Over 2 days, 350 (!!!) participants listened to 20 sessions; covering different subjects like usage of Symfony events, introduction to GIT and the first presentation/release of Symfony 2. It was a great gathering of the framework users but also of PHP and Open Source enthusiasts. We could exchange our experience with other developers, prepare some future collaboration and enjoy some french food.

Alvaro Videla at sflive2010

This was also the first presentation of our work to the outside world thanks to the session of one of our coworker, Alvaro Videla. His talk was about “Debugging and Profiling Symfony applications” presenting the tools developed and/or used in the company to run our main project. It also introduced some performance issue we had to deal with during our deployment of symfony 1.0 and 1.2. This was the first time the company’s work is publicized openly, due to its “special” nature, and the feedback is quite good so far, encouraging us to share more about our work.

The highlight of the conference was the first preview release of Symfony 2 (note the upper case S). This new version focused on speed and flexibility. By getting rid of the magic (magic methods, calls…) and using a few patterns (like dependency injection), the framework matures to a totally new level. Doctrine 2 was also revealed and follows the same path of speed/quality focus as well; this is very encouraging and I hope it will push for an increase of quality and reconnaissance in the PHP world. The final release is still far ahead, planned for late 2010, (beta available on github) but this already sounds very promising.

Another important point was the choice of using some Zend Framework components (logger, cache) instead of reinventing them; showing that collaboration, and not competition, is possible between the different frameworks. This is also quite interesting for the community; let’s see how it develops.

Stay tuned!

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