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Java at TheNetCircle

by Jacky Hung

Java is a programing language and computing platform. It is the underlying or frontend technology that powers the programs including utilities, games, business applications and etc in many company. Java is fast, reliable and across-platfloms.

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by Boby

Alvaro Videla, one of our developers here at The NetCircle, developed FireSymfony and released it in September 2009. FireSymfony is a Firebug/Symfony extentions that allows developers to see their Symfony debug toolbar as part of the Firebug extension, which leaves the page layout unchanged and also brings more UI improvement.

Alvaro is frequently updating the plugin and is working on new features for the upcoming versions.

You can get the current version at Mozzilla’s Firefox Add-on directory. For updates on the progress of the development, check our website, visit Google Code or contact Alvaro directly on Twitter.


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