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Using Riak at The NetCircle

by Joseph

At The NetCircle, we build great software for our clients’ communities and building great communities means that users want to talk to each other, a lot. For several of our clients’ communities, we have started outgrowing the ability of our current messaging systems to handle new data easily. Database sharding, adding new machines and changing data structures have helped get our system to where it is today, but maintaining this system comes at a cost (several system admins have gone nearly bald!).

At The NetCircle, we are always on the lookout for new technologies that could help improve our clients’ communities by expanding the user base or improving the user experience. In the case of our messaging system, not only are we looking at a way to help it grow in the future (stably!), but also create a central system that all our clients’ communities can use as a service rather than having different systems and data storage for each community.
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